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Top 5 Reasons I LOVE What I Do

In no particular order…because I could never. 


I love being able to style people or things and bring beauty and emotion to photos. Yes, even brand photos. Your brand is YOUR brand but being your muse is my jam. Creating visual assets that tell your brand story is one of my favorite things. 


I’m a creative who loves to plan and a planner who loves to create. I can’t do one without the other. It’s just not my style. And yes, it's a fave because I am a nerd about details, check lists, timelines and the like. 


I was literally just thinking today that most of my friends are my clients and my clients are my friends and it's a very chicken-egg situation. I can barely remember which we were first. And I absolutely love that. 


I love the balance this job affords me between momming, wife-ing, and business-ing. All the ings. I feel so grateful and so blessed that I have this business to afford me a little freedom and time with my kiddos. 

Supporting Others

Call me your new hype girl, cheer-leader, president of your fan club. Sometimes, I am already that before we even work together. I might even get too invested in your success! Helping other people succeed and grow, introducing them to others who can help that journey and seeing the collaboration and support is absolutely one of my faves!!

I can think of a dozen other reasons but these are for sure the top. They keep me going. Get me jazzed. They are the WHY behind what I do. And I am so grateful for the love and support.

And so excited to meet YOU.









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