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From Director of First Impressions to Nebraska Brand Photographer

One of my very first adult jobs was as a receptionist at a financial firm. A few weeks after being hired, they ordered me business cards. And my title read..don’t laugh…”Director of First Impressions.”


My young, dumb, unappreciative self was mortified. I thought, how cheesy! How ridiculous! Don’t try to glam up my position. I’m just a receptionist. It’s fine. 


That job literally changed my life.


Turns out, I make pretty good first impressions. Within three weeks of being hired, I was asked to serve the Founder and CEO as his personal executive assistant. I was told it was temporary. After 2 weeks of serving in my new role, the executive I worked for told me I had “done more for him in the last two weeks than his last assistant had done for him all year.”


Mic drop.


Current research shows that most people make a first impression of a person within 7 seconds. Seven seconds. Your website, your social media, your product or services are being viewed regularly by the masses. Each post, each scroll, each email is an opportunity to make that first impression. 


Your brand is that opportunity. Having a cohesive brand is critical to a good first impression. Cohesiveness comes from knowing your brand. Knowing your audience. The process of brand photography includes making sure you know these things before we get started on your photos. (I don’t want to waste your time. It is not my style.) 


Whether we’re talking about your own personal brand, like the 20-something-year-old Director of First Impressions I used to be, or your business brand, I’m here to help you create a cohesive brand image that leaves a lasting impression. 


To hear the rest of my story from Dir. of First Impressions to brand Photographer, book a virtual coffee (or cocktail), I'd love to connect! I want to learn more about your business, your goals for 2024 and how I might be able to serve you. Let's chat! Book a virtual meeting using the link below! 

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