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What to wear to your brand session

When I was wedding photographer, and the bride would ask for my advice on how to do something, I would always answer, "This is YOUR day. Do whatever the heck makes you happy."

As a brand photographer, my answer is the same. These are YOUR photos. This is YOUR brand. At the end of the day, you need to feel confident and comfortable in what you're wearing and they need to represent your style and your brand vibe.

Easy right? No. I know.

So what DO you wear to a brand session? Let's chat about that.

Casual vs. Dressy

My sessions usually include time for at least two outfits. Depending on your profession, your causal may be SUPER casual or your dressy might be super formal. That is something we talk about during the planning session. But either way, both vibes give you the opportunity for a variety of content. And that's the goal.

Solids vs. Patterns

I am not gonna lie. I personally don't love photographing patterns. There, I said it. BUT some of my favorite images of my clients have been in beautiful floral patterns or super chic stripes. So don't back away from it. The key here is making sure they look and feel like you and your brand. Also, know your location/backdrop when wearing patterns. A super busy pattern on a super busy backdrop doesn't look as high end and can be very distracting to the message you're putting out.

Shoes + Accessories

This is all about the vibe. I love a good comfy couch photo with bare feet. I also love a power pose with stilettos. You do you. Think about your client here. This is a subtle way to make a connection. Do they appreciate a good dressy night on the town? Are they more of a homebody. And BOTH is 100% ok. This is why two outfits is key.

Self care + Color Analysis

Here's the thing. You booked the session. You made the time. You spent the money. Don't stop there. You don't do this every day right? Justify the extras knowing that this is a once a year(ish) thing and invest in the extras you want. Professional makeup, hair appointments (a fresh cut or color or just a blowout and style the day-of) and even a color analysis to know your best shades are all worthy investments. Don't forget the fingers and toes (mani/pedi anyone?) and any skin or aesthetics appointments as well.

Remember. You deserve this. You work hard for your business. You are the heart and soul of your brand. Darn straight you deserve to look and feel your best when we take these photos. You won't regret it. It will be worth it.

These are YOUR photos. This is YOUR brand. So no matter what you choose to wear or how fancy or not you decide to go, at the end of the day, your peace and sanity is just as important as how you look. Don't let the stress or pressure overtake the importance of just showing the world YOU.




I've listed some of my FAVEs to work with below. If you're booking a brand session with me, I have referral discounts for you! But if you're just looking for some awesome self care, check these brand babes out!



Skincare + Wellness

Color Analysis

Certified Color Analyst - Amanda Fairley -

COLOR COATED | Meriah Galyen -

Clothing + Accessories

Tailor / Seamstress


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